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Providing chat support to your customers on your eCommerce store or website is a great idea to address their queries and know their feedback. Shopware 6 Zendesk Chat Plugin allows you to add a chat solution to your online presence and elevate user's experience with the store. Customers' queries and requests can be entertained even more quickly, making sure they definitely visit the store in the future. 

The Plugin adds Chat support functionality to shopware support, ensuring better support and connectivity for the customers. With this plugin, you can customize the chatbot according to your store's theme. 

Plugin Highlights 

  1. Better customer support- As long as you have an agent to handle chat support, the chatbot functions 24*7 to provide complete customer support. 
  2. Enhanced customer service- Customers' queries and feedback can be resolved within minutes with the Shopware 6 Zendesk Chat plugin. 
  3. Seamless communication medium- With this ever-functioning chatbot, customers get a seamless communication platform to talk about their queries with relevant authorities. 
  4. Customization- The store admins can customize the chatbot's design that goes well with the theme of their storefront. 
  5. Chat history- The plugin keeps chat history safe for the store owners so they can know their positive and negative sides to amend the improvements. 
  6. Easy integration- This plugin is very easy to install and requires no significant installation time and technological knowledge. Thus, it is feasible for store owners.


Having an effective communication platform enhances the user experience and ensures brand loyalty. The Shopware 6 Zendesk Chat Plugin allows store owners to integrate a chatbot solution into their storefronts. With this chatbot, customers can talk to the respective person in the store regarding their queries, problems, or feedback. Having chat support in place allows the business owners to address the customer’s issue in the least time, enhancing their experience with the business.

This module is very easy to install and use. The store owners can customize their chatbot according to their specific needs or the store's theme. Be it the size, color, design, or position, everything can be changed per the preferences.

Key features of Shopware 6 Zendesk Chat Plugin

With the Zendesk chat plugin, you provide an easy-to-access communication platform for your customers. Be it complaints, queries, feedback, or anything, the plugin helps you know what customers feel about your store. The top-notch features that make the plugin this helpful for you are but are not limited to:

Quicker Process

Kudos to automated workflow and self-service solutions that can automatically fix minor difficulties. Here the self-service solutions refer to checking the status, tracking or changing the order, etc.

Scalable Solutions

The multi-agent and multidomain support by Zendesk Chat Plugin allows the agents to assist multiple customers simultaneously.

Access to Customer data

Personalized marketing campaigns and customer support can help significantly pull out valuable customer data. The insight can be used to provide better services and personalized experiences to customers.

Offline message

The chat support doesn’t demand internet connectivity 24*7 for efficient functioning. You can receive all the messages and queries on your registered email when chat support is not connected to the internet.

Better and personalized experience

When a human addresses customers' needs, it feels more personalized and easy to communicate with them. The practice enhances the overall experience of the customers.

An inclusive analytics

You can access chat statistics, history, and other options to help determine client preferences and relevant trends. This data can be used effectively to enhance chat management and provide a customized experienced to the customers.

This module is very easy to install and use. The store owners can customize their chatbot according to their specific needs or the store's theme. Be it the size, color, design, or position; everything can be changed as per the preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to install Shopware 6 Zendesk Chat Plugin?

Answer- You can install the plugin by following simple steps-

  • Purchase the plugin from Emizentech Marketplace.
  • Install the Plugin on your Shopware store.
  • Once installed, activate the plugin.
  • The module will be ready to use.
  • Is Shopware 6 Zendesk Chat Plugin customizable?

Answer- Yes, this plugin is entirely customizable according to the preferences of store owners. One can change the chatbot's size, color, design, position, and many other appearances.

  • Does Shopware 6 Zendesk Chat Plugin support multiple languages?

Answer- The plugin doesn’t support multiple languages at its default state. However, you can take the assistance of external APIs and operate the chatbot in numerous languages.

  • Can you make a customized plugin suiting my business needs?

Answer- Yes, of course! We have a team of custom Shopify developers who are experienced in developing customized extensions to meet the different needs of our clients.

  • Do you provide post-sales support and maintenance services?

Answer- Yes, we offer support and maintenance services to businesses on request. You can connect with our team for more details.

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