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The plugin will allow the Shopware Store owner to provide WhatsApp Chat support to their customers for better problem resolution and instant feedback. Customers can ask queries, suggest improvements, and connect to the store owner in no time.  

Plugin Highlights

  • Instant Resolutions- The new plugin allows the admin to address customer’s queries in no time.  
  • Choose Agents Accordingly- customers are assigned the right agent according to the nature of the query. 
  • Seamless Communication Platform- a better communication platform to provide efficient customer support and enhance customer experience. 
  • Easy To Set Up- the plugin is very easy to set up, requiring no technological expertise. 
  • Customizable WhatsApp Chat button- The admin can customize the size, theme, color, and everything about the WhatsApp chat button. 
  • Compatibility- the new plugin is compatible with all mobile devices as well.  

WhatsApp has always been a handy platform for customers for any interactions. With WhatsApp Live Chat Plugin for Shopware 6, store admins can now leverage this habit of customers. This plugin allows customers to talk with support agents on WhatsApp about any type of query or feedback. Most of the time, problems get addressed instantly. The new plugin is very easy to set up; thus, anyone can install it without prior technical knowledge. With this plugin, store admin can ensure a seamless customer experience and boost brand loyalty.

Features you can leverage with WhatsApp Live Chat Feature

There are range of features that will transfigure the shopping experience for your customers and thus make sure that your brand is always in their minds. The features are but not limited to-

  • Ease of use
  • Seamless installation and configuratio
  • Customers can connect to multiple chat support agents for their queries
  • Admin can assign the agents according to the tasks, so they only address the particular queries
  • Easily enable and disable the WhatsApp connect button for the admin
  • Decide the location of the chat icon and other alterations as per your preferences
  • Admin can change the mobile number easil

Key Advantages of Shopware6 Whatsapp Chat Extension

Key advantages of this extension make it the choice of store owners as it enhances the experience for both the owners as well as the customers. Let's have a glance over some of the benefits this extension offers-

  • The new extension is completely free to use
  • Installation of the new extension is very seamless
  • Establish the edge to edge communication between admin and customer
  • Helps enhance the business relations between the store and customers
  • Elevate the loyalty of customers to the bran

Shopware 6 WhatsApp Chat Plugin Installation – User Guide

Go to Extension > My Extensions > Upload Extension > Install App >Then Activate the App > Then Configure the App >Activate the Configuration and save >Now Activate Whatsapp Chat Extension

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I install WhatsApp live chat plugin on Shopware 6?

Answer- One can install the WhatsApp Live Chat plugin for Shopware 6 with the following easy steps-

  • Log in to the Shopware 6 store’s backend.
  • Navigate to the “Plugin Manager” section in the main menu.
  • Tap on “Marketplace” tab.
  • Search “WhatsApp live chat” plugin and click “Install”.
  • Once it is installed, click “Activate”.
  • Navigate to the plugin and configure it as per your preferences.
  • Add a chat widget to Shopware 6 store by copying and pasting the provided code snippet into store’s HTML.
  • Test the chat widget.
  • Can I use multiple WhatsApp numbers for different pages and departments?

Answer- Yes, multiple numbers can be used to provide chat support for different pages and departments. The features allow the store admins to assign support agents according to the nature of the query on different pages.

  • How to Customize the WhatsApp Chat button?

Answer- One can follow the steps below in order to customize the WhatsApp Chat button-

  • Log in to the Store's backend.
  • Navigate to plugin settings for WhatsApp live chat.
  • Find the customization section.
  • Here, you can change the position, color, size, shape, and text of the chat button.
  • Preview and save the changes.
  • Is the new plugin compatible with mobile devices?

Answer- Yes, the plugin is compatible with mobile devices as well as desktop devices to ensure a smooth user experience.

  • Can you make a customized plugin suiting my business needs?

Answer- Yes, of course! We have a team of custom Shopify developers who are experienced in developing customized extensions to meet the different needs of our clients.

  • Do you provide post-sales support and maintenance services?

Answer- Yes, we offer support and maintenance services to businesses on request. You can connect with our team for more details.

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