Shopware 6 Razorpay Integration Plugin

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Plugin Highlights 

  1. Secure and reliable- The foremost requirement for a payment gateway is its security and reliability. Razorpay is among the most secure and reliable payment gateways in the market.
  2. Multiple payment modes- With Razorpay, stakeholders can use various different payment modes at their convenience. It includes  Netbanking, Debit-Credit cards, eWallets, etc.
  3. Multiple currencies- This module allows the transaction in as many as 100 top currencies. 
  4. Customization- The store owner can customize the payment page according to the theme of the Shopware store. 
  5. Transaction history- Store admins have access to the complete transaction history to check the relevant details in future. 
  6. User-friendly interface- The payment gateway has a user-friendly interface making it easy to use for a broad customer base.


In eCommerce, the payment gateway is one of the biggest concerns for the store owners as well as the customers to ensure that their money is safe. Razorpay has achieved a good brand image in the recent decade as a payment gateway, supporting online businesses around the world to make monetary transactions. With a few simple steps, the Razorpay integration plugin can be installed in Shopware stores to support all the store's monetary transactions.

The core competency of the plugin is that it supports payment from numerous modes, including Netbanking, Debit-Credit cards, eWallets, etc. At the same time, the payment gateway can be used for monetary transactions in almost 100 top currencies. The security of the Razorpay payment gateway tops the Zendesk payment gateway list.

Features of Shopware 6 Razorpay Payments Plugin

  • Razorpay payment gateway integrates with Shopware 6
  • Admin can also review the payment details from the order view in the background.
  • The logo of the payment gateway will be shown all through the checkout process.
  • In the "Orders" section of their account, customers can check their payment details.

Benefits of Shopware6 Razorpay Integration Plugin

  • Hassle-free and secure online payment.
  • You can easily integrate this module.
  • Display extra information at checkout.
  • It backs almost 100 top currencies.
  • Accept payment from mobile devices also.
  • Offers various payment modes, like Netbanking, Debit-Credit cards, eWallets, etc.
  • Glocal card savings at the checkout for easy future payments.

When integrated into the Shopware 6 store, the plugin provides store owners and customers with a safe and reliable payment gateway to make transactions. The plugin supports almost 100 top currencies from various payment modes like Netbanking, Debit-Credit cards, eWallets, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to install Shopware 6 Razorpay Integration Plugin?

Answer-You can install the plugin by following simple steps-

  • Purchase the plugin from Emizentech Marketplace.
  • Install the Plugin on your Shopware store.
  • Once installed, activate the plugin.
  • The module will be ready to use.
  • What payment modes can be used in Razorpay Payment Gateway Plugin?

Answer- The plugin supports payment from numerous modes, including Netbanking, Debit-Credit cards, eWallets, etc.

  • Is there any currency limitation with Razorpay Payment Gateway Plugin?

Answer-The payment gateway supports monetary transactions in almost 100 top currencies of the world.

  • Can you make a customized plugin suiting my business needs?

Answer-Yes, of course! We have a team of custom Shopify developers who are experienced in developing customized extensions to meet the different needs of our clients.

  • Do you provide post-sales support and maintenance services?

Answer-Yes, we offer support and maintenance services to businesses on request. You can connect with our team for more details.

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