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Managing the visibility of product prices can be a significant way to bring more carts to the billing counter. Shopware 6 Huge Product Price Plugin does the same and allows store owners to manage the visibility of price tags for these products. The practice encourages the customers to directly contact the retailers where they can be informed about the product more effectively. 

Your product might add enormous value for the customers, but might be misguided by the pricing of competitors’ low-quality products. Utilizing this plugin, you can invite the customers directly to you and elevate the chances of making the deal. 

Emizentech developed the Hide Product Price Plugin that enables store owners to hide or manage the visibility of product pricing for their customers. When using this plugin, customers can access all information about the product but must contact the owner for pricing.

Plugin Highlights 

  1. Manage the visibility of pricing- With this plugin, the store owner can choose to hide as well as display the pricing of their certain products. 
  2. Increased connectivity- The plugin enables the customers to connect with the store admins for pricing details and enhance connectivity. 
  3. Easy to install- One of the core competencies of this plugin is, it can be installed seamlessly without any technological expertise. 
  4. Customizable- Using the plugin, the store owners can customize any message to be displayed in place of price. 

Seeing a high product price might divert the customer even before they read about the features and quality of the product. So, Shopware 6 Hide Product Price Plugin allows the store owner to hide the product price on the storefront. Once the customers have gone through more necessary product information, they can connect to the store owner for the pricing details.

The new plugin is very easy to install and requires no significant technical expertise. Moreover, the store owner is free to display any message in place of pricing as relevant insight for the customers.

Advantages of Shopware 6 Hide Product Price Plugin

  • Fewer chances of customers getting distracted by pricing
  • Bring customers a step closure for signup
  • Seamlessly collect customer data and information
  • A better pricing strategy for customizable or service products
  • Better option price fluctuation scenario

Key Highlights of Shopware 6 Hide Price Plugin

  • Hide prices of particular products
  • Customize Hide Price style and visuals
  • Shopware 6 Hide Price Extension Deactivate Add to Cart Button
  • Easily replace “Add to Cart” button with any custom button
  • Comparison is disabled with this feature

Customer perspective on Shopware 6 Hide Price Plugin

  • Just need to login for direct store contact
  • Getting price by filling out request form
  • Chances of negotiations and a better deal

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Shopware 6 Hide Product Price Plugin work?

Answer- By installing the plugin into Shopware 6 ecommerce store, the store admin can easily hide the product pricing in their storefront. So, customers have to connect to the admin directly in order to know the pricing.

  • How to install Shopware 6 Hide Product Price Plugin?

Answer- You can install the plugin by following simple steps-

  • Purchase the plugin from Emizentech Marketplace.
  • Install the Plugin on your Shopware store.
  • Once installed, activate the plugin.
  • The module will be ready to use.
  • Can I customize the message that is displayed instead of the price?

Answer- Yes, while hiding the pricing of the product, you can choose to display particular text or message to be displayed in place of pricing.

  • Can you make a customized plugin suiting my business needs?

Answer- Yes, of course! We have a team of custom Shopify developers who are experienced in developing customized extensions to meet the different needs of our clients.

  • Do you provide post-sales support and maintenance services?

Answer- Yes, we offer support and maintenance services to businesses on request. You can connect with our team for more details.

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