Emizen Matrix Shipping Rates

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Emizen Matrix Shipping Rates

Cart abandonment rate regulation is essential to boost conversion and retention rates. The Emizen Matrix Shipping Rates app can help you calculate real-time shipping rates and diminish cart abandonment rates. This Shopify plugin eases users to evaluate shipping rates based on weight, destination, and number of items. Showcasing the shipping rates on the checkout page increases conversion and retention rates. 

Plugin Highlights

  • No coding is needed; it is just easy and installs quickly.
  • Get real-time shipping rates by number of items, weight, and shipping destination. 
  • Clear visibility of shipping rates in the cart. 
  • Increase customer trust and boost conversion rates. 

One of the progressing plugins you can use to estimate real-time shipping rates is Emizen Matrix Shipping Rates. It helps display shipping rates at the checkout based on weight, distance, and number of items, helping customers and store owners. With this plugin, you can let your customers choose a shipping service, custom packages, access to shipping labels and tracking links, etc., per their preferences.

Features You Can Leverage with Emizen Matrix Shipping Rates

The plugin arrives with many features that help boost customer trust and conversion rates.

  • Easy and accurate shipping rate calculation based on varied aspects, like destination, weight, and more, from various available shipping carriers.
  • Generate tracking links and shipping labels.
  • Customize shipping calculator appearance.
  • Limit access to shipping to only specific user roles.
  • Add handling charges to the shipping service.
  • Create custom packages or select from the predefined ones.

Key Advantages of Emizen Matrix Shipping Rates

Bringing appreciable and in-demand outcomes for store owners, the Emizen Matrix Shipping Rates app provides the following benefits:

  • Reduced cart abandonment rates
  • Improved customer experience
  • Increased customer trust and transparency
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Greater flexibility with complex shipping cases
  • Customers can calculate accurate shipping rates per their needs.

Shopify Emizen Matrix Shipping Rates App Installation – User Guide

Log in to Shopify App Store > Find the app on the store > Click it and add the app > Install Emizen Matrix App.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Emizen Matrix Shipping Rates?
  • Answer- Emizen Matrix Shipping Rates, a Shopify plugin, helps calculate real-time shipping rates based on different factors, like destination, weight, and number of items in the cart. It targets diminishing and reducing cart abandonment rates by offering accurate shipping cost details during checkout.

  • What are the available pricing plans for Emizen Matrix Shipping Rates?
  • Answer- You can choose from three pricing plans:

      Free Plan - 7-day free trial
      Silver Plan - $10/month
      Gold Plan - $ 50/month.

  • How do Emizen Matrix Shipping Rates work?
  • Answer- This app integrates with Shopify stores and calculates the real-time shipping rates based on varied parameters a user sets, be it destination, number of items, and weight. The checkout page displays the rate, clearing shipping costs understanding.

  • Does the plugin support generating tracking links and shipping labels?
  • Answer- Of course! Our Shopify app holds the features that help track links and shipping labels, offering your customers easy access to order tracking and ensuring a seamless post-purchase experience.

  • Will Emizen Matrix Shipping Rates work for my specific shipping needs?
  • Answer- Yes, the plugin provides flexibility by calculating shipping rates based on your desired parameters: weight, destination, and number of items.

  • What support options are available if I need assistance?
  • Answer- Emizen Matrix Shipping Rates offers 24*7 customer support to help users resolve issues or get answers to questions they encounter while working on the app.

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