Refund Policy

Refund Policy -  As after the purchase you will get the complete source code of the module (which is not encrypted ) thats why All sales are final. We cannot provide refunds, returns ,exchange  or demo copies of our products. If you have any questions or concerns before you buy, please email us or post a ticket  in the ticket support system will be happy to help you ensure you will be happy with your purchase .

1 - In case if the module is not working in your site . we need the site access details (e.g - FTP info and Database details etc ) to look in to issues.

2 - Also for solving the issues FTP and admin login details are mandatory (teamviewer and VPN or any remote desktop are not allowed ) if you cant provide the ftp details and admin login details then please don't purchase the module . we will not refund in this case .

3 - Before purchasing any of our product, you should read the details and check the DEMO very carefully . If you purchase and then ask for something, which we dont offer, then that is not our mistake, or you are not entitled for an official refund.