Product Thumbnail in Sales Emails - Magento® 2.0

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Product Thumbnail in Sales Emails - Magento® 2.0

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An extension which allows you to Customize your sales email by adding and resizing the product image as per your requirement.The module is a fantastic extension offering wonderful enhancing features out of which one is receiving an automatic acknowledgement of the order sale e-mail for the customers in response of their orders. Also it serves one important feature that is resizing the product image according to the satisfaction level. This feature improves the feasibility of the module as customer can reset the values of their image as per the requirement. The module is quite efficient as it does not consume much of customers time in performing any of the meaningless configuration. Just two easy steps and customers are done with configuration part.

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Benfits of Module

The advantage of the Module is that by using it the customers receives a confirmation mail along the product image. By default the sales order email does not sent the image of order item with the mail.

One of the benefits of this Module is that the image can be resized by reseting the values according to the requirement. This feature makes the working more versatile as it allows you to reset the image as per the need.

It is easy to understand and manageable.

Less time consuming as “No special configuration is required”


Basic Configuration

Succeeding the login it will ask you for some basic configuration.

  • Firstly you just need to enable the module by selecting “yes” as the option.
  • Secondly resize the image according to your requirement.

The module is enabled successfully. Now when the customer will order an item he will automatically receive the order confirmation mail along with the image of the product.

Installation of Module

Installation of module includes some easy steps:

  • Download the extension zip file
  • Using your FTP client upload the file of the module to the store root in your system.
  • Thirdly remove the cache:
  • For removing the cache follow the following steps
        Firstly from the admin console navigate the Cache Management page.
        Now select all the cache you can spot there.
        After the selection disable the cache from the drop down menu.
        Finally acknowledge the change
  • These are the few cache that are need to be removed precisely.
        * Magento cache
        * Cache storage
        * Catalog images cache
        * JavaScript/CSS cache
  • After executing the above steps now ensure that you log out from the admin panel and then login back again succesfully.
  • (otherwise there will be an error page showing 404)


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best extension
This is the best extension available
Review by Tom / (Posted on 2/27/2016)