Call For Price - Magento® 2.0

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Call For Price - Magento® 2.0

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Introducing a customized extension from magento which gives its users the convenience of setting their own customized text on the product instead of Add to cart or Price option. The product get fully customized by its users and the text which the users may customized are HTML capable that’s how it gives the customers the option to get redirected to the link provided. 

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Welcome one more efficient extension of magento with extra ordinary features. The most relevant feature of this extension is that it gives its users a terrific opportunity to set any text as its custom message instead of call for the price of any product or adding it to cart. It removes the additional time consuming feature of the user i.e., add to cart and call for price substitute it with users own customized text. It replaces the Add to cart and Price button with users own custom message or any link provided. One more friendly characteristic of this extension is that this function is applicable on both Product Level as well as category level. The customer can even get redirected to the link if given in the place of add to cart option.

  1. The extension provides with more useful features which includes:

  2. The best part of this extension is it gives its users the chance to set a custom message for the products and replace price and Add to cart Buttons with customized message.

  3. The custom message is fully HTML capable that is why it gives the wonderful opportunity to its users to get redirect by clicking on the customized message.

  4. Allow selling the products with full human interaction. 


How to use:- 

  1. Edit any product for which you want to show custom text/html.
  2. Put your custom text/html into "Call For Price Text" attribute.
  3. Save the product. 
  4. Clear cache
  5. You will see that text/html on frontend

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No headache with this module
Good stuff guys. Works like charm.
Review by Wiser / (Posted on 2/27/2016)