Emizen Tech Private Limited, INDIA


Agree to the following Terms and Conditions by purchasing any product from Emizen Tech Private Limited: 


1) The license agreement between the authorized person or company to use the software and documentation and the Emizen Tech Private Limited. From now onwards the agreement must be applied to all the software, scripts, products and services with every purchase anytime. 


2) With every software purchase, you have to confess that you have read the entire content and therefore you agree to the terms and conditions given in the treaty, and you are ready to use the software accordingly. 


3) Please note, that the agreement comes into the legal force and the time you purchase our software, you will receive the legal document via email or data medium at our discretion. 


4) All the software that we hold are copyrighted as well as the software, or a part of it is liable to protection under the law because of the copyrightable matter. If any action caught violating the rule or policy will be prosecuted under the current law. We have the right to invalidate the license of another user who is using it illegally. 


5) According to this treaty, you have the right to use the licensed software once at a time i.e. one Magento installation for one time. As well as, for each Magento installation there should be one segregate license need to be purchased. Dissemination of software without our approval consider as the agreement violation. 


6) Usage of any part of the code from the whole or part of any other website, products or software is completely prohibited. 


7) You are not permitted to allocate or dispense rent, sub-license or assign any portion of the documentation and software to any unauthorized person. Not even allowed to place it on the server so that public can access via the internet for other intentions. 


8) You are restraint to protect the copyright information completely including text/link. 


9) As per the agreement rules and policy, we are not liable for any loss and damage to the product (except the loss of profit/savings or incidental consequences). 


10) For any illegal use of the software, we are not responsible or liable. 


11) As per the terms and conditions of the licensing agreement, if you get failed then your license may be canceled, and you can no longer use the software. 


12) Emizen Tech Private Limited reserves the right to change this license agreement at any time and impose its clauses at any given time. 


13)The agreement will be valid until and unless it's terminated by us, as we successfully reserve the right to cease for using software anytime. If you are not enduring the terms and conditions of the agreement (obscuring or removing any link or copyright notice as mentioned in this agreement), you can discontinue anytime by demolishing all software copies. If more than fourteen days have passed since the date of purchase, then we are not restraint to pay you the amount that you spent while buying the software. 


14) After you get the license termination notice by Emizen Tech Private Limited but you still continue using the software, Then you have to agree to accept ultimatum to urge you from the further use (limited to attorney fees). To enforce official cancellation of your license and any destruction by us due to the misuse from your side.