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Magento mobile application
We are Provides functional support for converting Magento website into Mobile Application either iPhone or Android, If you have Magento E-commerce for your website,forwarding towards Magento Mobile application will be perform drastic changes in output.We provide excellence customer satisfaction for mobile users with magento E-commerce platform.

Magento Mobile Application Features.

1) Category Management :

You can Show all the categories which are running at your magento store .


2) Catalog Management :

We support all the Magento Product Like Simple products , Bundle Products , Configurable product, Virtual Product, Download products.You can list all your catalog on Emizentech Magento mobile Application .


3. Payment Module Support

Emizentech Magento Mobile Application supports all the Payment Getway which enable on Magento store like Paypal ,, Save credit card, cash on delivery

4. Customer Account Management :

Emizentech Magento Mobile Application can support Customer Account Section where customer can Easily update there profile , Add address and See the previous orders with Details and Also you can Manage your wishlist.


5 Shipping and Tax management

Emizentech Magento Mobile Application can support all the shipping methods which are enabled at your Magento store you can shows all of them at mobile as well.

6 Push Notification :

Emizentech Magento Mobile Application support push notfication when you left any item in cart you
will received the push notification at your mobile and also wishlist and order placed notification also working with this Application.